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Senior lead Officer Lindsey Courtney

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Senior lead Officer Lindsey Courtney Empty Senior lead Officer Lindsey Courtney

Post by Lindsey_Courtney on Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:25 pm

1. Nama Lengkap : Lindsey Courtney
2. Pangkat : Senior Lead officer
3. Umur : 22 years old
4. Jenis Kelamin : Female
5. Pendidikan : S2 University of New Jersey , Law and Sociology.
6. Divisi tempat Anda bergabung saat ini : Traffic Enforcement Unit
7. Ceritakan tentang diri Anda dan mengapa Anda ingin bergabung C.I.D ( Min. 650 karakter ) : Criminal Intelligence Division also known as C.I.D is an interesting division , why?
1. It's usefull for Police Department
2.As we know , at our city Los Santos criminal has been spreaded out , there's many drugs dealer , weapon dealer, so maybe if my application has been accepted i can do more effort to catch them.
3. Gangster is the one who might selling an illegall stuffs such as Glock,Weeds , etc , being a C.I.D is the one way to find it out.
4. Pedestrian and civillians may know who's the " Boss" so we can catch the " Boss" Then maybe someday Los Santos will be the most safety city, we hope so right?
5. I'm now a Senior lead Officer and i want to show my dedicated to the PD , to protect the innoncent against deception , to serve mankind to safeguards lives and property.
8. Apakah Anda hafal semua command di server ini (OOC) : Yes.
9. Jelaskan mengapa Anda ingin bergabung dengan C.I.D (OOC Min. 450 karakter) : Terinspirasi dari film film jadi C.I.D kayaknya seru , buat casefile , mata matain gangster , etc , nambah pengalaman RP terus mau ramein CID ...
10. Apakah Anda bersedia dikeluarkan dari C.I.D jika Anda melakukan kesalahaan : Sure.
11. Tolong sebutkan semua nama character Anda saat ini : Victor Avertsyan , Lindsey Courtney
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Senior lead Officer Lindsey Courtney Empty Re: Senior lead Officer Lindsey Courtney

Post by Fabio_Carapova on Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:21 pm

Application forwarded. Please be patient.

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